You have outgrown your home market or region and need to expand to new markets to maintain growth?


You need to assess the market potential of new markets for your product, or applications for your technology?


You would like to limit the risk of initial export penetration by using appropriate partners in your target market?


You would like to have access to validated channel partners in your target market?


MONETS  can assist you in the above efforts through targeted, effective and shared-risk interventions, including the following:

  • market validation for international expansion
  • value proposition for clients and sales partners
  • identification of regions with strongest opportunities for rapid market expansion
  • trade missions and representation
  • channel network design and implementation with qualified potential partners
  • improved return on sales investments
  • access to validated financing sources to support your expansion efforts and working capital needs

For further information about how you can benefit from our interventions, please contact us at info@monets.ca or Tel +1 514 697 9894. 


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