MONETS Business Accelerators Ltd.


Business Development For Innovation & Growth


We typically work with


* Start-ups that need to accelerate technology demonstration and commercialisation in order to survive;


* Growth companies in need of new profitable niche applications or international expansion;


* Investors who need to accelerate the commercialisation or expansion of current or potential portfolio companies to ensure attractive returns; 


* Incubators and technology transfer agents who lack resources to assist technology-based start-ups with their commercialisation efforts or to commercialise their technology portfolio.



In addition, we provide economic development services to


* Emerging market universities who need to put in place effective structures for R&D and commercialisation;


* Trade and investment agencies tasked to identify new markets and partners.



For further information about how you can benefit from our interventions, please contact us at or Tel +1 514 697 9894, or download our brochure.