MONETS  assists companies to access the appropriate growth partner at various stages of a company's life cycle,

  • be it a development partner or licensee to fine tune your technology into a product or solution;
  • be it a demonstration partner who is willing to apply your technology to solve a problem;
  • or be it a distribution partner to sell your product in new markets.

MONETS’  president, Dietrich Bödecker, has fifteen years experience in business development, finance, and market research, including extensive international experience. MONETS' primary foci are North America, Germany and South Africa.


We focus mainly on CLEAN TECH, INDUSTRIAL INNOVATIONSCLEANWEB and FINANCIAL SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS, as well as EXPLORATION and MINING TECHNOLOGY. To further support innovation in these industries, we are always on the look-out for promising enabling technologies in MICRO-ELECTRONICS, OPTICS/PHOTONICS, MATERIALS, NANOTECHNOLOGY, as well as WHITE and GREEN BIOTECHNOLOGY.


Dietrich is an accredited expert reviewer for Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), a Government of Canada foundation to support the development and demonstration of clean technologies.


MONETS'  expertise is further enhanced by a network of associates with extensive experience in LIFE SCIENCES. Our particular interest lies in MEDICAL DEVICE SOLUTIONS for wound management, vein access devices, orthopaedics, endoscopy, and novel drug delivery, as well as in NUTRACEUTICALS and BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS.


MONETS Business Accelerators Ltd.


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